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Easy Holiday Gift Ideas

Thermal Rice Heat Bag Gift Idea
As the holidays approach, there is always need for last minute gifts. Here are some quick and easy gift ideas. Some of these might only take a half...

My Favorite Non-Sewing Supplies in my Sewing Room

Picture of canned air, lint roller, freezer paper, colored pencils.
These supplies are my favorite non-sewing supplies. Most of the time these supplies are not stored in the sewing room, but I find them super useful for quilting!

Kids Activity - Designing Mini Quilts

Kid Designed Heart Mini Quilt
... I told the kids that if they designed a quilt, I would make it for them...

How to Make a Notebook Cover - Back to School Sewing Tutorial

How to Make a Notebook Cover - Back to School Sewing Tutorial
We have been getting ready for school and have been doing some Back to School sewing. My daughter asked for a notebook cover. It is such a great way to turn a boring notebook into something original. (This will also work for textbooks and any other books.)

How to Make a Hair Scrunchee (Scrungee... Scrungie?)

Scruchee, scrungee, scrunchie....
What is a scrungee? It is a fabric covered hair elastic that was popular in the early nineties and they are coming back in style. I used to wear them as a teenager and now my kids are asking for them. They are great use of scraps!

Tripoli Game Mat Project

Homemade Trioli Game Mat
One of the Christmas presents that I made this year was a Tripoli game mat. My family loves to play this game with friends, and our usual mat was just drawn on a piece of worn out cardboard. It was time for upgrade!

Quilt Guild Gift - Quilter's Helpers - Quick Tip

Quilter's Helpers Gift Idea for Quilt Guild. M&M chocolate candies wrapped in clever saying
I wanted to share a cute idea I got inspiration from on Pinterest. It is a fun gift I gave to the members of my local quilt guild.

Quilt Guild Tea Towel Exchange

Tea Towel White Elephant Exchange - Tea Towels laid out on the floor
We had a fun Tea Towel Exchange for our yearly Quilt Guild Christmas Exchange. It was so much fun!

Super Simple Flannel Baby Blanket Tutorial

Super Simple Flannel Baby Blanket Gift Idea Tutorial

This flannel baby blanket is simple to make for an easy, last minute gift. It is so much better than just the simple flannel blankets you can buy from the big box stores.  

Free Hot Pot Holder Tutorial

Hot Pot Holder in Teal and Grey
I have made so many hot pot holders in my life. Now you can do it too! These make great gifts and are great for practicing your quilting skills on.