Easy Holiday Gift Ideas

As the holidays approach, there is always need for last minute gifts. Here are some quick and easy gift ideas. Some of these might only take a half an hour, some might take a couple hours. 

Thermal Heating Rice Bags

This is an easy gift for anyone that gets cold of has sore muscles. My kids love to put them in the bottom of their beds at night. Throw it in the microwave for a few minutes and it is toasty warm. Or alternatively, put the rice bag in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight and have a flexible ice pack. Make it with a cute flannel to match the recipients personality.

Thermal Rice Heating Pad

Notebook Covers

Decorate a notebook for a cute and inexpensive gift. Add ribbons for an additional flair! This is a great gift for students, list makers, note takers, and aspiring artists.

Notebook Cover Tutorial

Hot Pot Holder

I love hot pot holders. They are such a fun way to practice free motion quilting and binding skills on a small object. It is easy to whip up a bunch in an afternoon. They make great neighbor gifts, friend gifts, or gifts for anyone who has a kitchen!

Two Hot Pot Holders in Teal and Grey

Bowl Cozy

My kids love bowls cozies! They love to be independent when microwaving their lunches. These cozies help them pull the hot bowls out of the microwave without getting burnt. These are great for kids, moms, or really any self sufficient microwave user!

Bowl Cozy in Orange

Tripoli Game Mat

Tripoli is a fun game for a small group of people. When my group of friends started playing it, the game board was a piece of cardboard with the words and lines drawn on in marker. Super cheap, but it needed an upgrade. Give this mat with cards, poker chips, and printable instructions. It is great for game loving friends!

Tripoli Game Map

Happy Holidays and have fun quilting!


  • Hi Mary!
    I don’t have a pattern for the carrot. It was a QAYG project kit from my local quilt shop a few years ago. Thanks for asking!

  • Do you have a pattern for the carrot on your home page?

    Mary Trent

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