How to Make a Notebook Cover - Back to School Sewing Tutorial

We have been getting ready for school and have been doing some Back to School sewing. My daughter asked for a notebook cover. It is such a great way to turn a boring notebook into something original. (This will also work for textbooks and any other books.)

To make a notebook cover, You will need about 1/2 a yard of fabric and a notebook. 

Notebook and a roll of fabric

Cut the fabric so that there is an inch above and below the top and bottom of the notebook.  (i.e This notebook is 11 inches tall + 2 inches)

Notebook laying on the fabric to size the cut

Notebook laying on fabric for sizing

Layout the fabric so it is a single layer. Open the notebook to the back cover. Fold the fabric over  to 1/4 inch past where you want to lay.  I want deep pockets on this one. Pin in place. 

Folding the edge over to size the length

Follow the same procedure for the other side. 

Measuring out the length of the fabric against the notebook

Pin the fabric as a marker for where you want it to be cut.  

Pinning the fabric in place to be cut

Close the notebook with the fabric in place to make sure there is enough room for the binding of the notebook. Adjust as necessary. 

Make sure the length works when the notebook in closed.

Then, take the notebook out and cut the fabric at the marked edge. Mark the folds. I used pins but you can also use chalk or other marking tools. You can see my pins in the top corners of the picture. 

Pull the notebook out

Finish the short edges of the fabric by folding it over an 1/8th of an inch, twice. Then stitch it in place. Repeat on the other side. 

Finishing the sides of the cover by rolling over and sewing.

Here it is with the short edges of the fabric finished. 

Showing the edgings of the cover finished.

Turn it inside out. 

 Notebook cover turned inside out

Finish the top and bottom edges by rolling the fabric the same way. Fold the fabric toward the wrong side. That is the side that is facing the cutting mat in the picture. 

Rolling the edge over to finish it.

 Turn it right side out. This is what is looks like at this point. You now have two pockets. 

Turned right side out again.

Sew down the top and bottom seam between the two pockets. 

The edge needs another roll over

 It will look like this. 

Bottom edge all finished

Now you are finished! Feel free to add decorations like ribbons, iron ons, and appliques. You can also use fabric markers to decorate it.

Notebook cover all finished

 I threaded some black yarn through the wire binding on the inside and tied it on the outside. 

Notebook cover all finished. Sting added for decoration

 The side pockets are great for carrying things. Pencils, notes, etc. 

Pocket available for use.

This would also be great with pieced blocks, orphan blocks, and scrap fabric. 

Have a great school year and have fun quilting!

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  • Love this! Going to make them for my Granddaughter for college


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