About Becky from Bobbin In Quilts

Becky messing with her hair

I am the writer of all the quilting patterns offered at Bobbin In Quilts! I have been quilting for over 20 years. I love the math and geometry, and the rush of being creative!  

Five Random Facts About Me

1. I always have such a hard time talking about myself. I would rather listen to other people talk about themselves.

2. Right after I got married, my husband told me I needed a hobby. So I blame him for my quilting addiction.

3. When I am not inside quilting, I am probably outside in the garden, out for a run, or drinking a Dr. Pepper.

4. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to repeat myself. Needless to say, it happens a lot because I am the quiet one in my family.  

5. My favorite color is dark blue. But I don't do a lot of quilting with dark colors. 

Becky with her family sitting in the grass