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Quilting a Large Quilt on my Domestic Sewing Machine

How to Quilt a Large Quilt on a Domestic Sewing Machine

Generally, people always seem so impressed that I can quilt such huge quilts on my domestic machine. It does take some maneuvering, but it is totally possible. 

Here are some tricks and methods that I use. 

Finished Pin Wheel Quilt

Weekly Update - WIPs Finished or Quarantine Week #2

We are spending a lot of time at home lately, as I am sure I lot of you are. With all this time, I was able to finish to Works-In-Progress.

Sewing Area and Work Space

My Work Space and Sewing Room

Today I would like to share my Work Space/Sewing Room. 

This room is not perfect or instagram worthy, but I love it! 

Quilting is my Passion