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Rotary Cutter Tips

Tips for Using a Rotary Cutter

These are some of the things I have learned over the years from using rotary cutters. There are lots of cutting options out there, but I like how easy it is to cut straight lines with rotary cutters.
Wild Geese Quilt Block Tutorial

How to Make the Wild Geese Quilt Block Tutorial - Technique Tuesday

Again this year, for the quilt guild I am apart of, I am providing instructions for how to make a different quilt block each month. For the month of June, we are still sequestered to our homes. But we are moving forward digitally! This month, it is the Wild Geese Quilt Block. 
Hanging a Quilt on a Wall

Hanging a Quilt on a Wall Using a Curtain Rod

There are lots of quilt hanging systems out there. Some are better than others. I went for the cheap, sturdy, not ugly looking one. This one works great for me!

(Hint: It is a curtain rod!)

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