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Grandma's Pinwheel Quilt Block in blue, white, and teal

How To Make Grandma's Pinwheel Quilt Block

Join me this year as I provide instructions for how to make a different quilt block each month. Eventually, all these blocks will turn into a grea...
T-Shirt Quilt with red borders

How to Make a Tshirt Quilt

T-shirt quilts are so fun and full of memories. Each one is so different depending on how many shirts, the layout, even the shirts themselves.

Today I will share with you how I make t-shirt quilts!

Care Instructions for Your New Quilt

Information to Give With a Quilt

I have started to write up a few things to share about each quilt I make, and share it with the recipients of that quilt. Each one is different depending on the quilt, but here is some of the things I might share. 

Quilting is my Passion

I am sitting on the floor, pin basting my latest quilt project.