"Family" Quilt Blocks

Recently, I was contacted about a call for quilt squares that represent Family. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints will use the blocks to make a quilt to display. They asked that the blocks be 8.5 inches square but opened it up to any type of quilting or fiber arts or things like that. 

I wanted to share the two blocks that I am going to submit for consideration.

The first is a copy of a block that I inherited from my grandmother. She passed away when I was 11. Since I started quilting, I have gotten to know her a lot more. I knew she enjoyed quilting. But I didn't know until later how much she quilted.  She taught quilting classes, was a member of the Utah Quilt Guild, and hand quilted for a living. I was fortunate enough to get some of her quilting stuff and I found this block in her stuff. 

It even has her handwriting on it. I found fabric in my stash that closely matched the existing fabric and made an 8.5 inch copy. 

The next block I made is based off of an Ancestry DNA test. I love seeing where my family is from. There was even a few surprises when I got my results. (Benin and Togo? Wow!) To make it, I selected the top 9 areas that cover a majority of my ancestry. I wanted to have a quilt block with the flags of those areas.  I found a fabric that had flags printed on it in the correct size. It only had a few of the flags I needed on it, so I used the extra fabric to cut apart and applique together the bits I needed. 


The edges were stitched down and I added a "clothes line" of sorts. 

I love these blocks. It will be fun to see if they are included in the final quilt.

Have fun quilting!

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