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Tripoli Game Mat Project

One of the Christmas presents that I made this year was a Tripoli game mat. Tripoli is fun game that is three stages and a combination of Poker and Michigan Rummy. My family loves to play this game with friends, and our usual mat was just drawn on a piece of worn out cardboard. It was time for upgrade!

Today I will share with you how I made it.

The mat is a large circle with 9 different, labelled sections.  

Round Tripoli Game mat

I started with making the large green circle. It is about 18 inches across. Using a center point, I marked points and cut the circle. (See my next blog post for a more in depth description.) I also marked 8 sections and a small center circle about 10 inches in diameter.

Making a large circle for the game mat

Then I made 3/4 inch wide bias tape. I made about 6 yards of it. 

Making bias tape for the white lines and binding

White binding for white lines

For the lines, I cut the length I need, then used basting glue to temporarily keep it in place. 

For the words, I printed the words on printable poplin fabric. Then I cut them out and button-hole stitched them on. 

Printed labels for the sections

For the backing, I used flannel. I find flannel to more "grippy" for the game table. I did not add any batting.

To quilt it, I top stitched on both sides of the white bias strips. Then I bound it with more white bias tape. The 3/4 inch tape was pretty thin, but do-able. I would recommend wider for easier sewing. 

This is a great gift with a pack of cards, a set of poker chips, and a set of instructions. I found some great instructions after a quick google search.

Have fun quilting!

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