Kids Activity - Designing Mini Quilts

While on a recent multi-family vacation, I showed the kiddos a picture of a pixel art quilt. I told them that if they designed a quilt for me, I would make it for them. They got right to work! I did put some requirements on it. Use a grid and color in the squares. Nothing more than 15 x 15 squares. 

I put the designs together using a grid printed fusible interfacing. My kids really liked help laying out the fabric on the grid and following the design also.

Kid helping lay out the fabric on the grid

Here is how they turned out:

Heart Kids Mini Quilt

Duck kids mini quilt

Lady Bug Mini Quilt

Flower kids mini Quilt

Depending on how big you want it to turn out, you can make the squares smaller or bigger. For the heart quilt I cut out the squares at one inch, and the ladybug quilt ended up with 1 1/2 inch squares. Both ended up about the size of a doll quilt.

As I was sewing, I decided that this might be a fun Christmas gift for the kids or grandkids. They always love to see their creations come to life, just like we do!

Have fun quilting!

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  • Becky I love this. Maybe you could market kid designing packets. For example colored pencils, large grid paper and instructions. You are right, they would make great gifts.

    Karen Elrod

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