Quilt Guild Gift - Quilter's Helpers - Quick Tip

Thanks for joining me for another quick tip!

I just wanted to share a fun idea I found on Pinterest. I am not sure who came up with the original idea, but a saw a few different versions. and brought them all together in my own version. 

We had our annual Quilt Guild Summer Picnic. Usually at these, the President gives a little gift to all the members, so I made them some "Quilter's Helpers."

Quilter's Helpers M&Ms Candies

This is what it says:

Quilter’s Helpers

Eat one…

Green when you can’t cut straight.

Orange when your seam allowance is wrong.

Red when you are irritated that you can’t find the right fabric.

Yellow when your bobbin runs out.

Brown when you have to use the seam ripper.

Blue when your points don’t match.

Repeat when necessary.


I printed out about 3 to a page, cut them out, and wrapped them around a movie theater size box of M&M candies. 

The ladies at quilt guild enjoyed them and we joked about how most of us would eat the whole package in one sitting!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip.

Have fun quilting!

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