Free Hot Pot Holder Tutorial

I have made so many hot pot holders in my life. Before selling quilting patterns, I used to make and sell rice bags, hot pot holders, and lots of other things. Making these is also a great excuse to practice your Free Motion Quilting and Ruler quilting.

For a set of two matching hot pot holders, you will need:

4 squares of cotton fabric that is 8 inches square.

2 squares of Insul-brite which is insulated batting that is also 8 inches square.

2 strips of 1 1/2 inch wide fabric that is the width of fabric (WOF).

Fabric Requirements for Hot Pot Holders

 Create two sandwiches from the fabric and batting.

Fabric Sandwich for Hot Pot Holders

 Quilt the fabric sandwiches with whatever design you would like.

Hot Pot Holders Quilted

 Add binding. You can use whatever method you find best, but I like the quick and easy version for hot pot holders. (Although quilts need the best!)

I start by using a 1/4" seam allowance and wrong sides of the fabric together, sew the binding along all four sides, leaving the extra attached at the end.

Adding Binding to the Hot Pot Holder

 Next, clip the corners. This helps the corners lay flatter. 

Trim corners for Hot Pot Holders

 At this point it should look like this.

Add binding for hot pot holders

 Roll the binding over to the other side, turning 1/4" under.  Stitch down close to the edge. Start stitching the same place where you started on the other side. Stop about 3 inches before the end. 

Making hanging loop for hot pot holders

Cut the extra binding about 3 inches past the end of the hot pot holder.  Make sure the binding is still folded, as shown in the picture. Wrap the extra around and tuck the end under the binding to make the loop. Finish stitching to the end of the hot pot holder.  You will not need to stitch the loop.

Forming hanging loop for a hot pot holders

 You are all finished! These make great gifts for house warmings, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, etc.

Finished hot pot holder in teal and grey

 Have fun quilting!

Finished Hot Pot Holders


  • Hi Amy!
    Right sides facing out. You won’t be turning it inside out, so just the way you would want it to look. Thanks for asking!

  • I’m looking at your visual description. When it says you sandwich the batting in between the fabric what is the position of the fabric? Wrong sides facing each other or right sides, couldn’t quite tell.

  • Hey Bronnie!
    I didn’t cut the strips on the bias for this small project. It is completely up to you!

  • Thank you for your simple clear instructions.Now l can make lots of Xmas presents.

    Winnie Mafa
  • Hiya, me again. Quick question about the binding strips. Do they need to be cut on the bias?


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