Quilt Guild Tea Towel Exchange

Every December, my quilt guild gets together and has a fancy dinner and gift exchange. As the current president, I wanted the gift exchange to be more than the regular white elephant exchange. So I suggested to the group an ornament exchange.  They were not very excited about it, but one of the sweet ladies suggested a tea towel exchange. It was a well received idea. 

The rules were this: 

This is an optional activity. 

Tea towels could be hand made or purchased. (Sometimes the holidays get super busy.)

Bring the decorated tea towels wrapped and without names on them to the party. 

We did a classic white elephant exchange. I picked a starting point and we went around, in a circle, taking turns unwrapping a gift or stealing an already open gift. There was a limit that each towel could only be stolen twice before it was frozen. 

Tea Towel White Elephant Exchange

We ended up with a bunch of super fun towels. It was fun to see everyone's creativity. Everyone loved it!

I made the one in the top right of the picture with the moose! I got so excited about this exchange, that I ended up making four different tea towels!

Beehive Tea Towel

"Blessed" Tea Towel

I showed you this "Simplify" towel in a previous blog post. I was making it specifically for this exchange. I decided that I loved it so much that I couldn't give it away!

Simplify Tea Towel

This was such a fun meeting! I hope that if your quilt guild does this, that they will have as much fun as we did!

Have fun quilting!

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