My Favorite Non-Sewing Supplies in my Sewing Room

These supplies are my favorite non-sewing supplies. Most of the time these supplies are not stored in the sewing room, but I find them super useful for quilting!

Picture of canned air, lint roller, freezer paper, colored pencils.

Colored Pencils

These are great for designing quilts, especially the big packs with all the color options. Also, coloring in general is great for when you feel a creativity block. 

Colored Pencils

Lint Roller. 

No matter how diligent I am about getting threads into the garbage, there is always threads all over everything. Lint rollers clean up those pesky threads so fast! 

Lint Roller

Canned Air Duster

This stuff makes cleaning out my sewing machine so quick! Also, I love using it to do a quick dusting on my sewing table. 

Canned Air Duster

Freezer Paper

Most people might already know this, but freezer paper is great for applique. This doesn't even go in the kitchen anymore. It is stored in my sewing room!

Box of Freezer Paper

Some other items that are not pictured here:

My laptop for writing patterns and watching shows while I sew.

Notebooks and pencils for organizing my thoughts and patterns.

Snacks and Dr. Pepper for keeping my stomach happy!


What Non-Sewing supplies would you add to my list?

Have fun quilting!

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  • My sewing machine service guy says to NOT use the canned air in/on our machines.


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