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How to Make a China Doll Block - Technique Tuesday

China Doll Block

This month for the "How-to Block of the Month," we are learning about the China Doll Block. This block has a lot of pieces, but when you break it down, it is pretty easy. 

Serving Through Quilting - Quilt Days at LDS Hospital

Quilting with the Quilt Days group

On the 4th Tuesday of the month, some lovely ladies gather to work on quilts at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. This organization is called Quilt Days.

Mostly they do hand piecing and hand quilting. This is where I went to learn how to hand quilt. 

How to Make a Rolling Star Block - Technique Tuesday

Rolling Star Block
For the month of April, my quilt guild learned how to make the Rolling Star Block. I love that it uses three fabrics and two sizes of squares. 

Quilt Guild - Sweets and Stash Swap - Great Meeting Idea

Stash and Sweet Swap at the Quilt Guild Meeting
For April's quilt guild meeting, we had a "Sweets and Stash Swap." What is that you ask? It is such a fun idea that I thought would be fun to try out!

How to Figure Out How Much Fabric You Need for Your Quilt

Figuring how much fabric you need
Figuring yardage on a quilt is important. You don't want to be short of fabric, and over buying doesn't work for everyone. I will walk through the steps to make sure you get enough!

Friday Finish - Card Trick Mini Quilt

Card Trick Mini Quilt
I was doing some research for a pattern I am working on, and I stumbled across a free pattern and You Tube video from Sue Bouchard. It looked so easy and fun I decided I could squeeze it in and do some sewing for me. 

How to Make the Squares and Stripes Quilt Block - Technique Tuesday

Squares and Stripes Block
For the month of March, my quilt guild learned how to make the Squares and Stripes Block. This one looks like it would be hard and complicated, but it is actually one of the easiest blocks so far!

Souvenir Fabric Shopping in Leeds

Samuel Taylor in Leeds, England

When I am on vacation, my favorite type of souvenir is fabric from a local quilt shop. 

Weekly Update - New Place

Weekly Update - New Place
I am moving!

How to Make a "Dandy" Quilt Block - Technique Tuesday

Dandy Quilt Block
For the month of February, my quilt guild was supposed to learn about a quilt block called the "Dandy Block."

Weekly Update - Recovering Cushions

Making new covers for Cushions
My kitchen cushions really needed to have new covers made. Check out how I did it!

Counterbalance Quilt Pattern - Formally the Violet Burst Quilt

Counterbalance Quilt Pattern
My most recent finish is the remake of the Violet Burst Quilt Pattern. It is now known as the Counterbalance Quilt Pattern.