What I Did With a Worn Out Cutting Mat

I have a cutting mat that is worn out. Apparently I am most comfortable cutting on the three inch line. It is cut all the way through. There is no fixing it. 

Cutting mats are so expensive this day. I didn't want to just throw it away. I tend to cut a lot towards the middle of the mat, so the corners were still in good condition. 

I decided to cut it down with utility scissors to be a travel mat. A lot of my things are 12 inches, so I cut it to 13 inches square.

Cut down mat with travel bag

To avoid the sharp corners I gave them a quick clip. 

Cutting Mat with clipped corner

That size ended up being the perfect size for my travel bag. It slides in perfectly. 

Cut down cutting mat in travel bag

Now I can take it on all the road trips and vacations we have planned this year. 

The rest of the mat went to my husbands workshop at a protector for his work table.

I love being able to give a new life to this worn out tool.

Have fun quilting!

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  • I have all mats over 20 years and holding strong. I am looking for heavy duty sewing machine Janome 5000. I have knitted 15 winter headbands. I used Wool@Ease sold all. Getting back in quilting.

    Debra Kemp

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