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Pictures From Garden of Quilts 2022

Garden of Quilts Quilt

I was so pleased to go to the Garden of Quilts at Thanksgiving Point’s Ashton Gardens in Lehi, Utah.

This is one of my favorite quilt shows to go to. Why? Because it combines two of my favorite things, quilts and gardens!

"Virtual" Quilt Show from Quilt Fest

Quilt Show sign
I want to share with you what I felt were some awesome quilts from the quilt show at Quilt Fest in Layton, Utah on Sept 15th, 2021. Think of it li...

Garden of Quilts - Quilt Show in Utah, USA

Quilts Hanging in the Trees
My visit to the Garden of Quilts Show at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.

Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace (aka UQSM)

UQSM prize bag
UQSM is my favorite quilting show. I always save up my money and plan out a day to go. 

Quilt Show and Sewing

Quilts hanging from a balcony at the quilt show.

I had the opportunity to go to a quilt show that was put on by a lady from the quilt guild I am in. Her name is Cheryl Barlow.