Garden of Quilts - Quilt Show in Utah, USA

I have missed out on all the quilt shows and conventions that I usually go to. Most have been cancelled or postponed. 

All except the Garden of Quilts Show at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.

It was held outside in the beautiful Ashton Gardens. It was even cloudy and breezy which made it very pleasant.

Garden of Quilts in Lehi, Utah

The first part I looked at was the Nancy Zieman Special Exhibit. I had no idea that Nancy Zieman liked to make landscape quilts.

Nancy Zieman Special Exhibit

 Landscape quilt bu Nancy Zieman

Mount Rainier Quilt by Nancy Zieman

 Next, I headed outside. What a beautiful view!

Large view of the quilts

 There was quilts hanging from clothes lines, trees, racks, and bridges.

Quilts on a clothes Line

 Here is some of my favorite things I saw. 

Quilt on a Frame

 Oh My Stars by Carol Hadlock

Special Quilt

 Sew By Row designed by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs

Sewing Machine Quilt


Quilts in the trees

 Quilts on a bridge

Quilts in a field

Quilts on a Bridge

Thimble Blossom by Mary Jarvis and Dawna Sanders

"Sew" Quilt

Wandering Rose by Lorraine Skeen

Quit with blue roses

Over view look

Autumnal Dreamscape by Peggy True

Quarter circle Quilt

The carousel of quilts

Autumn Love by Heather H. Spurlock

Fall House Quilt


Walking along the path


Lots of flowers


Floating quilts

The vendors

Overall it was very lovely. I enjoyed wandering through the gardens, seeing all the quilts, and looking at the vendor booths. 

The only disappointment I had was that about half of the quilts were from companies like Riley Blake, and Missouri Star. I wish there could have been more quilts from individual quilters. 

Have fun quilting!

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