Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace (aka UQSM)

UQSM is my favorite quilting show. I always save up my money and plan out a day to go.  This year things got a little crazy, so I ended up going for just a couple hours with my two kids. 

They participated in the booth hop which helped keep them excited about the rows and rows of booths. 

Booth hop Sheet

They would look for each of the booths that were participating and go get a stamp.  I really liked all the different stamps! So we put our names in the drawing then went to look at all the cool quilts. 

This was a quilt challenge. Everyone got the same kind of fabric and had to make a wall hanging about the artist Prince. They were fun to look at. 

prince Challenge Quilts

I loved this log cabin by Paula McKinley. I love all the different fabrics she used.

Log Cabin by Paula McKinley

This Mariners Compass by Josephine Keasler is so lovely. I love the contrasts of the fabrics.

Mariners Compass by Josephine Keasler

This is a close up of the quilting. Wow!

Mariners Compass by Josephine Keasler closeup

Each one of these ladies on the Dancing Ladies of Aragon had embroidery on their dresses. This was also done by Josephine Keasler. 

Dancing Ladies of Aragon by Josephine Keasler

These next two are collages by Emily Taylor. I really want to make one like the United States map. I might have even seen a pattern for sale in one of the booths.

Collage by Emily Taylor

This was my daughter's favorite.

Collage by Emily Taylor

This quilt was a part of a challenge to quilt vintage quilt tops in a way that original quilter would never had imagined! It is called Vintage Sunflower Quilt by Debby Brown.

Vintage Sunflower quilt quilted by Debby Brown

This one is called the Value of Violet by Margaret Soloman Gunn. I love use of values and how it draws your eye in!

The Value of Violet by Margaret Soloman Gunn

After we looked at all the quilts, we went back for the drawing and I won a prize! Free wool batting, crib size! Awesome! 

UQSM prize bag

It was a quick trip, but I had fun seeing everything.

Have fun quilting!

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