Now Available: Finding the Current Quilt Pattern

 The finding the Current Quilt Pattern is now available!

When I was creating this pattern, I was inspired by the flow of a river current. There are parts of the river that flow stronger than others. There are some parts that barely move at all. But each part of the river is important.

We all move in our own ways. Some are strongly moving forward, and some are taking their time along the river banks. Be who you are and own it. Remember that no matter where you are, we are all in the river together. 

Finding the Current Quilt hanging on a wall

 This is a layer cake friendly pattern. I used a Kona Basics 10 inch pack.

Kona Layer Cake

Open Layer Cake

 It has 40 colors in this pack. I didn't need all of them so I picked out the brightest ones. 

Picked out colors of fabric from layer cake

After I got each piece cut out, I made a stack for each block.

 Fabric pieces laid out in sets

 Then I made the half square triangles all at once.

 Of course with half square triangles there is always some trimming!

Scraps from trimming tringles

 Once all the blocks are put together, I loaded it onto the long arm. 

Quilt on the long arm

 I wanted a quilting pattern that went with the theme of the quilt. Something that looked like flowing water. ( I went with the one on the right.)

Here it is all finished! I am so proud of this quilt and the work that went into it.  

 If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me. 

Have fun quilting!


  • Hi Cyndie!

    Usually a long tail strung through the batting will hold. Just like hand quilting. I like to make sure the thread is long enough that it can be sewn into the batting. That can make sure it definitely holds. Most of the time I use this stitch on crib side quilts.
    Thanks for asking!

  • I just found your tutorial on the crow’s foot stitch for a quilt. I’m curious though, how do you finish off the thread. If I run out of thread before I reach the other end what is the best way you have found for tying it and hiding the tail? Thanks 👍


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