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Weekly Update - Four new WIPs

Sewing Machine Waiting for me
Just like that, I have 4 WIPs that I started this week. I want to tell you about a couple of them. 

I Need Some Sewing Time - Weekly Update

Pin Wheel Block Quilt Top
Have you ever had that moment in the day when you just want to escape? I am having one of those weeks. All I really want to do is escape to my sewing room, close the door, and not come out till I have spent many, many hours working on a quilt. 

Weekly Update - Christmas

Stocking hung my the fire with care
I have not planned any projects for this month. Instead, I am admiring some of my previous sewing accomplishments. 

Holiday Quilt Show and Auction - Weekly Update

Holiday Quilt Show and Auction 2019
This week I was able to go to the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction. (Not the auction part, just the quilt show.)

Finished Mini Quilt - Weekly Update

Finished Mini Quilt - Weekly Update
This week I did a little quilting for me! Check out this tiny mini quilt.

Weekly Update - Machine Quilting and a New Project

Red Version of the Irish Woodland Quilt
It has been a busy week! I have been sewing like crazy! Check out the finish to the red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt and the new project I am starting on.

Weekly Update - Block of the Month Class

Primitive Gatherings Block of the Month
I signed up for a Block of the Month class through my local quilt shop. Check out the first two blocks I made!

Weekly Update - More Color Ways for the Irish Woodland Quilt

Red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt
This week I completed the red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt. I love how different it is from the original!

Weekly Update - What Have I Been Up To?

What has been under my needle lately?
What have I been up to and what have I been quilting on lately?

Weekly Update -Organizing Fabric

Lovely Blue box of fabric
I have been moving through my house, organizing each area. The bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the closets. This week I am organizing my fabric.

Weekly Update - Rewriting and Resewing

Weekly Update - Rewriting and Resewing

I started my pattern writing business one year ago! In that time, I have learned so much. I have gotten feedback from lots of wonderful people, including some great quilt shop owners. 

So I have decided to go through each of my patterns and give them a 34th look. 

Chicken Chatter Wall Hanging - Block of the Month

Chicken Chatter Quilt
This is my newest finish! Check out the Chicken Chatter Quilt.