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WIPs Finished or Quarantine Week #2

Finished Pin Wheel Quilt in brown, pink, and tan

We are spending a lot of time at home lately, as I am sure I lot of you are. With all this time, I was able to finish to Works-In-Progress.

Working on Some WIPS

Working with WIPs. My Workspace with a rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
Have you heard of a WIP? In Quilting terms, it's know as a Work In Progress. Most quilters I have known have at least a few WIPs going at a time.

Finished a WIP and Started Something New

Moroccan Lullaby Quilt in white and light colors. Pattern by Melissa Corry
As things get crazy towards the end of the school year, sometimes my sewing had to take a back seat to life.  But to keep myself happy, I have been working on finishing this WIP (Work In Progress) from last Fall.