Weekly Update - WIP, UQG, and UQSM

This week I was pretty busy quilting, but not on a new pattern.

I had a couple WIPs (Works in Progress) that I want to get out of the closet. Specifically, I really don't like having projects piling up on me. Utah Quilt Fest is coming up in a few months and I need to finish the projects I started at the last one! I will post pictures of those projects on Instagram when I finish them. (@bobbininquilts)

I also had the opportunity to teach in my local chapter of the UQG. (Utah Quilt Guild) They asked me to show them how I weaved the fabric together for my Triple Woven Fabric Pillow Covers.

Triple Woven Pillow Cover in Pink and Grey

It is a difficult thing to do the first time, but the ladies really seemed to enjoy it. We made these cute little samples out of grosgrain ribbon.

Triple Woven Fabric Sample using grosgrain ribbon

It will be fun to see what they make their samples into. 

Finally this week, I got an opportunity to take my two girls to the UQSM Show. (Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace) I call it the QuiltCon of the Salt Lake Valley. 

They had some really cool quilts on display there. These are some of my favorites. 

They had a whole exhibit devoted to Vincent VanGogh.  

Van Gogh exhibit at UQSM

All of these quilts were the same size and mostly the same fabrics. But the variety of techniques that were used was amazing. 

There was also an exhibit called HERstory. They were small quilts devoted to women you changed history. Some of the women displayed were Amelia Earhart, JK Rowling, Jackie Kennedy, The Queen of England, and a bunch more. My favorite was the quilt featuring Grace Hopper by Dena G. Brannen.  If you don't know who she is, you should look her up. (We are a bunch of computer and quilting geeks in our house.)

Grace Hopper Quilt

Another Exhibit was called the 70273 Project. Jeanne Hewell-Chambers has been gathering 70273 quilts blocks that are white with a red x, to symbolize the 70,273 people with disabilities that the Nazis murdered in an 18 month period. It was very touching. 

Some of the 70273 Project quilts

Some of my other favorites are as follows, in no particular order.

Quilt of Valor by Julie Kidd

Quilt of Valor by Julie Kidd

I didn't catch the name on this one. But it is donr by Illene King from my quilt guild. It is all hand applique and quilting.

Hand applique quilt by Ilene King

Inside the Box, Outside the Frame by Ashley Bandy. I love it when people think outside the box!

3D quilt by Ashley Bandy

Autumn Sunset at White Oak by Kathryn Zimmerman. Love the piecing and the use of color!

Autumn Sunset at White Oak by Kathryn Zimmerman

Dresden Ripples by Barbie Mills I love the colors and all the different quilting motifs.

Dresden Ripples by Barbie Mills

A T-shirt Quilt by Pam Hanrahan. I love how it's not your ordinary tshirt quilt. She stabilized the back, surged around each block, and raw edge appliqued it. 

Tshirt quilt by Pam Hanrahan

As you can see, my quilting taste is very eclectic. There is a little bit of modern, little bit of traditional, little bit of artsy, little bit of utilitarian. But I love to have fun with it! 

Next week I am starting on a new pattern!

Have fun quilting!

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