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How to Join Binding Strips

Two strips of fabric sewn together on the diagonal
Let's talk about joining strips of fabric on the diagonal. This is useful when you are joining pieces of fabric for quilt binding.  Joining fabric ...

How to Sew on a Bias Tape Binding and Join the Ends

How to join the ends of binding using bias tape on a quilt
Next in my series of bias tape blog posts, I will be showing how to attach a bias tape binding to a quilt and how to join the ends of the binding. 

How to Cut Fabric on the Bias

Blue fabric cut on the bias to make bias tape

Fabric cut on a bias has a fun stretch to it that straight cut fabric does not. This blog post will show you a couple of methods for cutting on the bias so you can create your own bias tape.

Mitered Corners on a Quilt Binding (Part 2)

Mitered Binding on a Quilt (Part 2) - Pin and green quilt corner showing a mitered corner
I made a previous blog post about making mitered corners on a quilt binding. It only showed how to make mitered corners using the backing fabric. This post will show how to add the binding on and make the mitered corners. 

How to Make Mitered Corners on Quilt Binding

How to make mitered corners on a quilt binding
Don't know what a mitered corner is? Think of it like an envelope closure for the corners. I will show you two ways to make them.