Mitered Corners on a Quilt Binding (Part 2)

One of the last step of making a quilt is putting on the binding. I know that sometimes, after I have spent a lot of time working on a quilt, I am anxious to get it done. It is such a temptation to do a quick job just to have it done. But after there has been so much time put into a quilt, it is important to finish it nice so that the WHOLE quilt can be awesome.

I made a previous blog post about making mitered corners on a quilt binding. It only showed how to make mitered corners using the backing fabric. This post will show how to add the binding on and make the mitered corners. 

This is the method I use most of the time in my quilting. 

The first method I will show is when I use a single strip of fabric for the binding. 

First, I machine sew on the binding, right sides together to the quilt backing. 

Sewing on the binding

Sew up till 1/4 inch away from the edge. 

Sew 1/4 inch away from the edge'

Lift the presser foot and pivot the quilt. 

Sewing On the Binding

Fold the binding back, like shown in the picture. I also tuck an extra 1/8th inch of fabric under the needle for a little extra room. 

Sewing the binding on the back

Put the presser foot down, and keep sewing. Repeat at each corner. 

This is what it will look like. 

Binding on the Back

You can also fold it like this as you sew. 

Sewing Binding on the back

Flip the binding to the front.

Flip binding to the front

Fold the binding in half to hide the raw edges.

Fold raw edge over

Fold the first edge over and pin in place. Make sure the fold in the binding creates a right angle. 

Fold one edge over

Keeping the right angle, fold the second side over. 

Create Corner

It should form a nice crisp mitered corner!

Finished edge

The next method uses a single fold binding.


Double faced Binding

Sew the binding on like the previous method. 

Sewing on Double edged binding

Sewing on the Binding

Again, flip the binding to the quilt top. 

Flip Binding towards the front

You won't have to fold over the raw edge with this method.  But the rest of the steps are the same. 

Fold over one edge, and create the right angle.

Create Straight edge

Then fold over the next edge to create the mitered corner. 

Fold second egde over


  • Hi Glenda!
    Just use your usual method of joining the edges. Thanks!

  • For this method should you join the binding edges in a different method than your usual closure of binding pieces after sewing around the quilt?

  • This method I think should help
    Me . I have dislectia wand I have a little trouble understanding sometimes 🤗

  • Thank You – You Make It Look Easy!

    Josephine A Moser

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