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Mitered Corners on a Quilt Binding (Part 2)

Mitered Binding on a Quilt (Part 2) - Pin and green quilt corner showing a mitered corner
I made a previous blog post about making mitered corners on a quilt binding. It only showed how to make mitered corners using the backing fabric. This post will show how to add the binding on and make the mitered corners. 

How to Sew Curved Quilt Pieces

Sewing Curved Quilt Pieces - blue curved quilt piece sewn together
Today, I am going to share how to sew together curved quilting pieces. 

How to Create a Curved Quilt Block Template

Making a Template for a Curved Quilt Block - two pieces of a curved quilt block
Today I am going to share how to make a template for a curved quilt block. 

Eight HSTs Method (Half Square Triangles)

Eight HSTs at a time - showing 8 half square triangles in blue and teal

Do you have a quilt that needs a lot of HSTs (Half Square Triangles)? Making two at a time seems tedious, so why not make eight at a time?!

 Some people refer to this as the Magic 8 method. I find it super easy to make multiple blocks at a time.