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Pattern Review - Moda/Aurifil Mini Charm Spool Wall Hanging

Moda/Aurifil My Spool Mini Quilt

This week I pulled out a little kit I had stashed away for a quick project. 

This is a free pattern that was included with my purchase of the Moda Somerset Mini Charm. It looks like this pattern was made as a promotional item to encourage people to also purchase the Fig Tree's Somerset Thread box by Aurifil.

Bowl Cozy - Pattern Tutorial Review

Orange Bowl Cozy for holding Hot Bowls

The other day, my friend asked me to make her some bowl cozies. First, I had to look up what they were, then I said yes. They seem simple enough!  

They are a lot like hot pot holders, except, they are shaped to fit your bowl. They have little corners that are perfect handles for lifting hot bowls of soup out of the microwave.