Pattern Review - Moda/Aurifil Mini Charm Spool Wall Hanging

This week I pulled out a little kit I had stashed away for a quick project. 

This is a free pattern that was included with my purchase of the Moda Somerset Mini Charm. It looks like this pattern was made as a promotional item to encourage people to also purchase the Fig Tree's Somerset Thread box by Aurifil.

My Aurifil Spool Quilt Pattern

It makes a little 23 x 23 inch wall hanging or table topper. It used the mini charm set to make 9 scrappy spool blocks. The set only makes the colored portion of the spool. Everything else you will need to provide. 

I will not show the whole pattern to protect their intellectual property, but I will show my finished project. 

My Spool Mini Quilt

This pattern was mostly easy to follow. I can tell they tried to make it short  so they could fit it on one piece of paper. 

The cutting instructions were pretty clear. I didn't figure out till I was half way cutting, that they had assigned each piece an identifying letter. I tried to make the ends of the spools have darker or brighter colors so they did not blend into the background.

The piecing instructions were ok. I got lost of step #2 and #3 when they were showing how to put the pieces together. They hoped that the pictures would be self explanatory. I had to go over it multiple times to figure out what they wanted me to do. I had to fill in some blanks myself. 

The rest of the mini quilt came together quite easily. 

Machine Quilting feathers on the spool mini quilt

The pattern mentioned that they tried to highlight as many of the threads from the thread box for the quilting. They put "Pumpkin Seeds" in the sashing, and outlined each spool. 

I chose to use a light weight grey thread on my printed white fabric just to make it pop a little bit. I quilted feathers in the sashing and borders. I also outlined each spool. 

I love the way it turned out. Except for the confusion in the piecing, it was a mostly smooth process. I loved doing this little project for me. 

I am not sure if this pattern is available to the general public, but I still wanted to share my experience. 

Have fun quilting!

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