Weekly Update - What Have I Been Up To?

This last month has just flown by? Summer will do that to you! 

Last month I was the featured Designer of the Month for the International Association of Quilters. That was loads of fun saying hi to everyone, sharing my quilt blocks and doing a virtual trunk show!

IAQ - International Association of Quilters

Under my sewing needle lately has been this cutie! It is a purple version of my Irish Woodland Quilt Pattern.  I had a quilt shop owner tell me that she really loved the trees on the green version, but wouldn't it also be cool to have other things people could put in the center of those blocks? 

Irish Woodland in Purples

I thought it was a great idea! So I bought a bunch of purple fabric, and made most of the quilt top. I asked my daughter what she thought I should put in the centers. She said I should do hexie flowers.

Purple Hexie Flowers

(The only reason she knew what those are is because we made some at our last quilt guild meeting.) I loved her idea! So I whipped up a couple. 

Irish Woodland in Purples

I think they look great! (Check out this blog post to see how to make some for yourself!) I love how this quilt top turned out.

Irish Woodland in Purples

This week, I also had my monthly quilt guild meeting. Guess what we talked about... Paper Piecing! It must be the monthly theme! The ladies brought some quilts that they made using paper piecing. 

Paper Piecing Project Example

Paper Piecing Project Example


Paper Piecing Project Example

Paper Piecing Project Example

They are such a talented group of ladies!

And finally, I sold the last of my stock of baby quilts. These are from the time when all I wanted to do was to make baby quilts. 

Sold Baby Quilts

I really love what I do now! I love quilting, AND sharing my love of quilting with other people! Thanks for sharing your love with me too!

Have fun quilting!

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