English Paper Piecing Hexagons

Summer is when people usually travel. When I travel, I like to take a little sewing project with me. English Paper Piecing (EPP) Hexagons is usually my travel project of choice. 

Hexagon Travel Pack

It is super easy to put together and everything can fit in a plastic baggie.

Start by cutting out the paper templates. These can be found as free downloads online or you can purchase pre-cut ones. I have a cardboard template that I trace onto plain copy paper then cut out. 

Cut out the fabric 1/4" larger than the template on all sides.  

Making Hexagons

Optionally, you can trim down the corners to reduce bulk. 

To use the templates, press the fabric up around the edges of the paper.  Apply some spray starch or other stabilizer to the edges to help them stay.

Making Hexagons

Or, you can just baste it around the template with just a couple stitches at each corner. 

Making Hexagons - Basting

Personally I prefer to baste them. But I know a few ladies that prefer to press them. They usually use a tiny hand-held iron to help with the small pieces.

Making Hexagons

When you are ready to sew them together, use a small, thin needle and a 60 wt. polyester thread. Your stitches will be easier to hide with the small needle and thin thread. 

Making Hexagons

To stitch them together, match to hexagons right sides together. Start at a corner with a small knot. Using a whip stitch, make tiny stitches through both edges, grabbing just a few threads of each. 

Making Hexagons

Go all the way to the next corner. Make a couple extra stitches at the corner then match up the next hexagon.

Making Hexagons Stitching Them together

The hard thing with hexagons is that with the Y seams there might be a lot of starting and stopping. 

Making Hexagons Matching Corners

I love little projects like these. I can whip out a hexie flower while waiting for my kids during a 45 minute class. 

Making Hexagon Flowers

Enjoy your traveling and have fun quilting!

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