Weekly Update - The Irish Woodland Quilt

Irish Chain quilts look so cool to me. I love how the colors can just fade into each other. I love how complicated it looks, but how simple it really is.

With this quilt I started with three shades of green. I wanted it to be of the same hue, but different values. The brown and cream will be accents.

Green, Brown and Cream Fabric for an Irish Chain Quilt

Three Shades of Green fabric for the Irish Pine Tree Quilt

I tried a different technique of piecing on this quilt. I have seen quilts in patterns where strip-piecing is used. I thought it was interesting, so I tried it out.

I started by calculating and cutting the strips of fabric needed for each block. Then I sewed them together. 

Strip Piecing for the Irish Woodland Quilt in green

Then I cut them out into strips.

Strip piecing for the Irish Woodland Quilt laying on the sewing machine

Then, pieced them together for the block. For more information on getting your seams to match up, please see the previous blog post.

Perfectly matched seams on Irish Woodland Quilt

I ended up with a bunch of lovely blocks!

Block for Irish Chain Quilt on Bobbin In Quilts

White and Green Block for Irish Chain Quilt

The strip-piecing made putting it together quick, but it did require more fabric, and it made more scraps. This is because I could only get so many blocks out of each strip. I only used a small portion of the last set of strips because I only needed one block out of it. Next time I use this method I will look into cutting the fabric down the length, instead of the width. Then I can be more precise in my measurements.

I will be using the scraps for the next part of this quilt. Stay tuned for the next weekly update on Friday!

Have fun sewing!

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