Technique Tuesday - Matching Seams

When all the seams match up on the quilt, it gives it a sharp and professional look. 

Irish Chain Block with great looking seams

When I look at a quilt up close, it is one of the first things that I notice. It is also the thing I had the hardest time accomplishing when I started quilting.

To get that sharp look, start with making sure your seams are pressed down. On rows of blocks, make sure that the direction you press them alternates. For example, on the first row press to the left, on the next row press to the right, and so on. 

Back side of block. Showing alternating pressing.

When it is time to sew the rows together, visually line up the seams.

Lining up seams visually on green blocks.

Then as you put them together, you can rub the seam between your fingers. You will be able to feel when they "lock" in place, and when they are too far away from each other.

Matching up seams and locking them into place.

Once they are locked, pin them together right at the seam. This will prevent it from slipping when it is sewn together. 

After sewing, give it a good press. If some of the seams are too far off, now is the best time to fix them. 

Perfectly lined up seams.

You can do this! Now lets get to sewing.


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