Weekly Update - More Polyester Pants!

This is an update to this post about a project I have been working on for a lovely lady.

Long story short, I was asked to make 4 queen size quilts out of some squares that came from some polyester pants. 

Well, when those were done, there was enough squares to make 7 more throw size quilts. 

Three queen size patchwork quilts

The funnest part of all this was being able to sort through all the squares and figure out where all the squares should go.

Throw quilt on the quilting frame

I put them on a quilting frame 3-4 at a time to quilt them. 

Yarn for tying quilts

The original quilt that I was duplicating was tied with white yarn. It was tough to pull through the polyester, but my Machinger's gloves helped a bunch with that and saved my hands some pain. 

Tying quilts

Here they are, all together!

All seven throw quilts

Here they are individually.

Throw quilt in Burgundy red, navy blue, and forest green

Throw Quilt in Blues and Greys

Throw quilt in reds, whites, and blacks

Throw Quilt in Red and Black

Throw quilt in peach, white, and teal

Throw quilt in greens, pink, and grey

Throw quilt in Purple, blue, and green

Seven memorial throw quilts for seven special great-grandchildren!

Happy Holidays and have fun quilting!

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