What to do with all these polyester pants?

Do you want to see what has been on my sewing table?

Quilt Squares

Three giant boxes of polyester!

Stacks of polyester quilt squares

Back in the time of polyester pants, there was a lovely lady who wanted to reuse the worn out or outgrown pants. So she got to cutting. Each time a pair of pants was retired, she would cut them into 5 inch squares. After enough squares were accumulated, she made an awesome quilt for her daughter.

Polyester quilt squares

Fast forward many years. The lovely lady is gone, and her daughter inherited a few boxes full of 5 inch polyester squares. What does she do with them? She makes a quilt! Or, she has me make a few quilts for her.

Polyester quilt #1

This daughter wants her kids to have a lovely picnic quilt just like her mom made her. So I am taking all these squares and making three picnic blankets that match the original one.

Polyester Quilt #2

The hardest part is figuring out the best way to use the squares. There are thousands of squares in a variety of colors and amounts! My design wall is not big enough so I had to lay it out on the floor. 

Laying out squares on the floor

But if you need an idea of how to organize squares like this, try this out! She has put each color in a plastic bag with the number of squares written on it.

Box of polyester quilt squares

After all the tops are pieced together, I will tie them with white yarn to match the original.

They are coming along nicely.

Polyester Quilt #3

Have fun quilting on whatever you are working on!

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