More Color Ways for the Irish Woodland Quilt

This week I completed another sample for the Irish Woodland Quilt.  

If you remember, a little bit ago I showed off the purple version using hexie blocks to make flower centers. You can see that blog post by clicking here. 

Purple Version of the Irish Woodland Quilt

Well, this week I completed the top for the red version!

Red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt

I used the techniques that I shared a bit ago about making hexie flowers with English Paper Piecing. 

 Red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt

At first I was worried that the orange and yellow would dominate the quilt and it would turn into a candy corn Halloween quilt. But the red really balanced it out. Now I think of long, hot summer days. Just what I wanted!

 Red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt

 I love how changing up colors can turn the same quilt into something something completely different!

To get this pattern, check out my shop here.

Have fun quilting!

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