The Second (of two) Holiday Ornament Table Runners

 This is a continuation from this post where I tried to make a holiday ornament table runner.  To sum it up, I made it and didn't like it, so I finished it and decided to make another one. 

So here it is.

Two Holiday Ornament Table Runners


The second Holiday Ornament Table Runner

I decided to go for an easier route on this one. 

For this second table runner I used raw edge applique and just cut out the pieces I wanted. I glued them on with a small school glue stick. Just enough so they would stick for a couple minutes while I got the outside edges stitched on using my free motion quilting foot. 

I made three ornaments. Teal, Purple, and Pink.  I traced an aluminum can to get the correct size and shape and cut them out. 

Teal Ornament


Purple Ornament


Pink Ornament

For the ornament topper I made a triangle out of yellow fabric and snipped the top off. I tucked it behind the circle. 

Yellow Ornament Top

For the string, I used some thin Offray satin ribbon. 

Ribbon Ornament Strings

After all the pieces were glued on, I quilted over each piece. The ribbon got a quick little wavy line. Each ornament topper had a tight wavy lines to look like ridges. Each ornament had a different all over design, and the background had more wavy lines. 

Wave quilting on the background

Overall quilting

It also has perfect mitered corners!

Perfect Mitered corner on the ornament table runner

The back was some more sparkle fabric in a light teal color.

Backside with sparkle fabric to see the quilting

Even though one of the table runners does not look anything like ornaments, I like the way they both turned out. I love it how some times failures turn into good things. 

Two Holiday Ornament Table runners

Happy Holidays!


  • I really think this table runner is adorable. I need something quick, and I think this is just the ticket! Thanks for the idea!!

    Mary Long
  • Thanks for keeping it real. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we think they’re going to. It’s fun when we can find a use for the first try, and it’s great when we can go on and figure out a way to make the thing we were hoping to make in the first place!

    Beth T.
  • I love that you took a pattern and improved it to your satisfaction. That is what quilters do. Make it your own. Very simple and festive that was embellished with quilting.


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