The First (of two) Holiday Ornament Table Runners

For December, I wanted to make a holiday themed table runner. I couldn't decide on what kind to make. Poinsettias, gifts, birds, trees, and so on. Those things really didn't seem like what I wanted to make. But then, I thought of ornaments!  Ornaments seemed like they would be fun to make. 

I had the perfect sparkle and snowflake fabric in my stash. 

Fabric selection in pink, purple, teal, and white

I started with making some circle blocks. 

For this, I started with a 6 inch purple square and two 2 1/2 inch white squares.

Purple square of fabric

I cut the white squares diagonally. 

White triangles for the corners

Then I placed the triangles over the purple square as shown. The triangles point over the edge about a 1/4 inch. 

Place white triangles over purple square

I stitched down the triangles and trimmed off the extra.

Stitch on white triangles and trim

Then pressed it open. I had to trim it just a tiny bit to get it squared up. 

Press open corners

I made three of these blocks in different colors. 

Three circle blocks in purple, pink, and teal

On each block I added a 1 1/2 inch by 6 inch strip to one side of each.  This helped offset the blocks so they didn't line up in a straight line. 

Add strip to the top of the block

I added 1 inch strips between the blocks and a white and blue border all around.

Sew the blocks together

I had to make them ornaments, so I needed to add ornament tops and hooks. I thought I could just embroider them on. 

So I tried. They turned out horrible.

Embroider on Hooks. Then promptly take them off.

Yep, horrible. So they got ripped out. Unless I pulled the whole thing apart or started over, I didn't think it was going to work. 

I am not one to leave a project undone. So I decided to finish it anyways. BUt now it is just sparkly circles instead of ornaments. 

For the back, I pieced together some more sparkle fabric.

The pieced back

And quilted it in a meandering swirl. 

Close up for quilting

I put it all together and this is how it turned out. It doesn't look anything like ornaments. Maybe it could be a birthday table runner. I really wanted an ornament table runner, so I made another one! 

Two Ornament table runners.

Check out the next blog post for how to make the Second Ornament Table Runner. 

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