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Weekly Update - Machine Quilting and a New Project

Red Version of the Irish Woodland Quilt
It has been a busy week! I have been sewing like crazy! Check out the finish to the red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt and the new project I am starting on.

Weekly Update - More Color Ways for the Irish Woodland Quilt

Red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt
This week I completed the red version of the Irish Woodland Quilt. I love how different it is from the original!

Weekly Update - What Have I Been Up To?

What has been under my needle lately?
What have I been up to and what have I been quilting on lately?

Weekly Update - New Pattern!

Fabric selection in blue, teal and brown
The pattern is ready for the Irish Woodland Quilt, and check out what I am working on next!

Weekly Update - Irish Woodland Quilt Finished

Irish Woodland Quilt in Green Brown and White with tiny trees on a irish chain.
The Irish Woodland Quilt is all finished and ready to be displayed.

Weekly Update - Irish Woodland - Part 2

Applique trees on the Irish Woodland QUilt
An update on the progress of the Irish Woodland Quilt. The trees are on and the snow is falling!

Weekly Update - The Irish Woodland Quilt

Fabric selection for the Irish Woodland quilt in Green and Brown
This is part one of working on my newest project. I am calling it the Irish Woodland Quilt.