Single Fold Bias Tape vs. Double Fold Bias Tape

Standing in front of this rack at the local craft store.  Single Fold Bias Tape, Double Fold Bias Tape, etc. Have you ever wondered: What is the difference?

Display rack of bindings 

Here is all the information you need!

A Single Fold Bias Tape is a strip of bias cut fabric that is folded so that both edges meet in the middle. 

Single Fold Bias Tape

A Double Fold Bias Tape is a single fold bias tape that is folded in half. 

Here is a single fold turning into a double fold!

 Single Fold Bias Tape turning into a Double Fold Bias Tape

It's that easy!

Single Fold Bias Tape

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 If you have any questions or comments about single or double fold bias tape, leave a comment below!

Have fun quilting!

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  • Hello I made a blanket for my granddaughter’s baby but I don’t know how to sew on the biases to make is look finishe. Can someone please help me out.

    Karen Shaffer

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