You Are My Sunshine Quilt

I really loved putting this sunshiny quilt together. It was definitely a great way to start out my new adventure!

Here are some hints and tricks I used when I was putting it together.

When I was putting my blocks together I wanted the blues to look random and scattered so I used my design wall so I didn't have to crawl all over the floor. It was also helpful so I could step back and admire it from across the room.

I have a small working space. It is actually the extra kitchen we have in our basement. So I don't have a place for a permanent design wall. This one is collapsible and uses a large piece of flannel and plastic poles that snap together like a tent. 

After I had everything laid out the way I like it, I pinned the squares to the flannel so they wouldn't fall off as I was working on it. 

After it was laid out and ready to go, I chain-pieced the blocks together. This is totally optional, but it how I like to put long rows of blocks together. It's like sewing all the rows together at once. 

When I quilted it, I used my walking foot and made diagonal lines coming from the center of the sun through the blues. Like rays of sun. Then I quilted the clouds and border in swirly meandering lines. This helped make the clouds look fluffy. 

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