Wrap the World With Quilts

Today I would to share a charity that is great for any quilter!

Wrap the World in Quilts.

Wrap the World with Quilts flier and stickers

Starting at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gina and Hal Halladay started to hear about the refugees and the horrible things happening from their friends in Ukraine. 

A lot of people had to walk away from their homes, and have barely any possessions. Also, when Winter set in, they had no way to keep warm.

So they decided the way they could help out was to send quilts to the people in need. To date, they have sent out over 24,000 quilts. These quilts provide people not only with physical help, but also helps them to know that the world has not forgotten about them. 

Recently, they have expanded their efforts to help people in Syria and other parts of the world. 

For more information, go to www.HelloCottons.com

They accept quilts and blankets of any size and monetary donations to help with shipping costs. If you are near Utah, there are a lot of drop off locations available.

Have fun quilting!

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