What is a Disappearing Nine Patch?

What is a disappearing nine patch quilt block? It such a fun transformation of a classic quilt block. 

It starts with a nine patch block. This is a block that is composed of 9 equal squares. Then it is cut into four equal quarters. 

For this 12 1/2 inch quilt block, I cut it into 6 1/4 inch squares, in half vertically and in half horizontally. Then, the parts are twisted around and rearranged, then sewn back together to create whole new block. 

For this block, I twisted the top right and the bottom left squares. 

I love how the accent square in the middle broke into lots of little accent squares.  Here is a whole quilt of the same disappearing nine patch block. 

Each disappearing nine patch can be different based on what colors you add to the original nine patch, the number of fabrics used, and how it is cut apart. 

The blocks can be cut into rectangles or a different number of squares. Squares are easier to rearrange back into a block. The more cuts you make, the smaller the finished block will be. 

Here is another version that only uses two fabrics. 

 The blue really stands out in this block in contrast to the pink that really stands out in the previous block. 

It sounds kind of funny, but the possibilities are endless with this block!

Have fun quilting!

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