Sewing Machine Repairs and more Row by Row Experience

This week I had a goal to finish this quilt. I wanted it ready to give to my soon-to-be-niece's parents.

Navy, Grey, Lime, and Coral Baby Quilt with diagonal stripes

But my machine was giving me major fits. It was skipping stitches and driving me crazy! I did all the usual things that I could do myself. Changing the needle, rethreading the whole machine, rewinding the bobbin, cleaning out all the lint, etc. None of it helped. So I let out a deep sigh and resigned myself to the fact that I had to seek professional help. 

Brother sewing machine getting dropped off for repair and maintenance

 I dropped it off today and pulled out my Kenmore machine. 

20+ year old Kenmore sewing machine

 This little machine is a workhorse. I got it when I was a teenager and I took really good care of it. I came with me through 5 moves, all of which in the original box. I used it when I started up my business and I have made countless quilts on her. I upgraded only a few years ago. This machine is probably the Walmart special, full of plastic parts. But this is a great example of, if you take good care of something it will last a long time. You also don't have to have the top of the line sewing machine to make great quilts. 

Anyways, I used my Kenmore to finish the baby quilt in time. I am glad I have a backup machine, for instances like this. 


Something else I have been doing this week is exploring more Row By Row Quilt Shops. I stuck more close to home this week.

The first one I visited was Jewel's Fabric Stash in Bountiful, Utah. 

outside of Jewel's Fabric stash quilt shop

They are a relatively new shop but they look and feel like they have been there forever. They have a great selection, cute layout, and fun staff. They are always happy to sit and listen to me talk about my quilt patterns. 

Inside Jewels fabric Stash. Lots of fabric and quilts hanging from the walls.

I love the high ceilings and the fun little things they have.  I bought a license plate and a cute little Christmas charm pack from them.


The next place I visited was Quilter's Attic in Bountiful, Utah. 

Outside of Quilter's Attic in Bountiful, Utah

This cute little shop feels like a grandma's house to me. A lot of their display furniture is cabinets or closets, or old sewing machines.  All the displays are lower so you can see around the whole shop from just about anywhere. 

My favorite spot is in this cute little room. 

Inside the side room at Quilter's Attic. There is lots of cute fabrics

It is where they keep all the solids and the bright, cute fabrics. The ladies are always nice and let me browse around without bugging me.

The last place I went was My Sister's Quilts in Riverton, Utah. 

These guys are participating in the Row by Row, but didn't have any license plates. It made me kind of sad, because that is pretty much why to go to each shop. 

My Sisters Quilts in Riverton, Utah

But thats ok. Their shop is neatly organized with fabric, of just about every style, stacked on neat uniform shelving. I didn't buy anything there. But it is a fun shop to stop in when I am in the area. 

So this week, I was able to collect two more license plates. I really like the Grateful Thread one!

License plates from Row By Row quilt shops in Bountiful, Utah.

We will see how many more I can get before the end of summer!

Have fun quilting this week!

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