Row By Row Experience and Quilt Shop Reviews

Last week, my family went on a road trip to Washington State. It was so nice to spend time with them and relax. 

Ocean View in Birch Bay, Washington

While we were out and about I took advantage of the fact that the 2018 Row by Row Experience had started the week before. So when we had down time or happened to be in an area, I would stop by a local quilt shop. I would pick up one the license plates and maybe a thing or two for me. 

Row By Row License Plates

It is all music themed.

Sew, a Needle Pulling Thread Wall Hanging

When my family goes on road trips, we like to keep track of the license plates we see and count how many different states we get. So these fabric license plates were really cool to me. 

The first three quilt shops I visited were in Lynden, Washington. 

Tangled Threads Quilt Shop

This shop was super cute. Well laid out and full of good stuff. 

Tangles Threads Store Sign


This was a tiny little quilt and gift shop. It was so full of stuff, you had to be careful where you stepped. I could have spent all afternoon there and not seen it all. 

Folk Tales Quilt Shop

Calico Country

This shop was in a little mini mall. They seemed to have good stuff, but I had a hard time figuring out how it was all laid out because of the clutter. I didn't end up buying anything but it was fun to browse. 

Calico Country Store Sign

Fabric in a Basket at Calico Country

Shibori Dragon

The next was in University Place, Washington. I was kind of caught off guard by the name. I had to make sure I did the right Google search. Turns out it is an adorable, neatly organized quilt shop, that also sells the supplies to make kimonos. Out of the ordinary. They even played country music. I liked it there. 

Shibori Dragon Quilt Shop Sign

In the Shibori Dragon Quilt Shop

Le Grande Quilt Shop

On the way home we stopped in Le Grande, Oregon. I am so grateful that my husband puts up with this stuff. I am also grateful that they let my little girl use their restroom! It was a cool store. Lots of good stuff. I especially liked this sign and the sale they were having on fat quarters. 

Sign in the LeGrande Quilt Shop

Fabric in the LeGrande Quilt Shop

Welcome Sign at Le Grande Quilt Shop

Caldwell, Idaho

We tried to stop at a quilt shop in Caldwell, Idaho but it was 5:00 pm on a Saturday and they had already closed. We were all tired and ready to get home, so I had to miss an Idaho license plate this time. 

Sunset in Idaho

Next week, I am going to go search out the participating stores in my area. I know that at least one of my favorite shops are participating. It might be my first stop!

You can look up the Row By Row Experience on the web and they have a map of all the participating stores.

Have fun quilting and shopping!

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