Rewriting and Resewing

I started my pattern writing business one year ago! In that time, I have learned so much. I have gotten feedback from lots of wonderful people, including some great quilt shop owners. 

So I have decided to go through each of my patterns and give them a 34th look. 

I started with the Bombs Bursting Quilt Pattern.

Bombs Bursting Quilt Pattern in red, white, and blue.

It has been completely rewritten to now include four sizes. King, Queen, Twin, and Throw size. It is uploaded and ready for purchase.

The next pattern I am working on is the Violet Burst Quilt. 

Violet Burst Quilt Pattern in purples.

To be completely honest, I wasn't completely in love with the fabrics I used on this sample quilt. So I have decided to remake it in different colors. 

I went with bright colors this time. 

Fabric selection for the remake of the violet burst quilt.

This pattern works well with a light color, a dark color, and an accent color, so I went with yellow, orange, and green.

This week I have been working on putting it together. 

I have cut it out, put the top together, and pin basted it together.

Strips and squares cut out for the quilt top of the Violet burst quilt

Pin basted quilt top for Violet Burst

Now it is all ready to be quilted!

Violet Burst Quilt in bright colors, pin basted together.

I hope to have it done by next week!

Have fun quilting on your project!

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