Organizing Fabric

I have been organizing my house lately. I blame Marie Kondo. Netflix recently released a series starring this Japanese organizing consultant and just like how the food shows make me hungry, the Tidying Up show makes me want to organize.

I have been moving through my house, organizing each area. The bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the closets. This week I am organizing my fabric.

I started out with about 4 large tubs of fabric in many forms. 

Tub of my fabric - before organization

I dumped each one out and sorted it into three piles. Keep, Give away, and Throw away.

Then I sorted the Keep pile into colors.

Piles of color coordinated fabrics

I then folded each one and put them in fun little plastic bins.

Folded fabric in plastic bins

Then I labeled each bin and stacked them on a shelf in my closet. 

Before, when I start a quilt, I have a good idea what kind of color scheme I would like. So I would dig down into one of my bins a few inches, decide that I didn't really have what I wanted, then go buy some fabric. I really had no idea what was in the tubs of fabric. 

Now, I can pull out a little box, and see everything I have.

Blue tub of nicely organized fabric.

Maybe I can take a break from buying fabric. Probably not, but it was a nice thought. 

Happy quilting, or fabric organizing!

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