My Four WIPs

I have been trying to make progress this week on my Works In Progress (WIPs). I have narrowed in down to 4 projects. 

1. The grey, white, and black triangles. This is a new pattern I am working on. It is definitely taking longer than I hoped, but I am seeing some progress and that's always good.

Empty Spools and Scraps

2. Quilting with my Daughter.  This week we got the two little quilts sandwiched. She is anxious to get the rest of it done. 

My daughter working on a quilt

3. BOM. This is a block of a month that I am participating in at my local quilt guild. Every month I make two blocks. I am still on schedule! Here is this months blocks.

BOM from my local quilt guild

BOM from my local quilt guild

4. Quilt Top for my Quilt Guild. We are making a quilt top to donate to a local charity. It is the Big Bloomers quilt pattern by Quilt Soup. At our last meeting we got all the fabric sorted out and all the squares pieced together. 

Selecting Fabric for the baskets

This is the upside down view but this is what I was seeing!

Making Baskets in Quilt Guild

Sometimes making a list and sharing it is a great way to stay accountable. Let's see how far I get in my next Weekly Update post!

Have fun quilting!

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