Mess ups

This week I had a small project I had been assigned to that involved being in charge of tying 4 quilts for some lovely ladies. 

I didn't think it would take a bunch of time so I started on a new idea I have for a table runner. I spent two days on it. 

Then I decided I hated it. So it's now in the garbage. Two days of work in the garbage.

Garbage from a messed up week

Now, I admit, I am not perfect. I do have failures. This was one of them. 

There was no saving it, so I started over again.

Raw Edge Quilting on Yellow and Brown

But I learned from my mistakes and the second time turned out much better. 

I think that is what is the important thing about failing. Learn from your mistakes, move on, and know that no one is perfect. 

So I am moving on, knowing that this week was a wash for this table runner. Next week will be better. 

Have fun quilting!

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