Weekly Update - Irish Woodland Quilt Finished

The Irish Woodland quilt is finished! 

After I made the blocks, I attached the trees by hand.

Hand appliquing the Irish woodland trees on to the quilt

Then I sewed all the blocks together. I attached the tree before I put the blocks together because appliquéing on one block is not a cumbersome as the whole quilt top. 

When I pinned together the layers, I used a local gym to get the space I need. I taped the backing to the floor and carefully laid each layer out. 

Basting the Irish Woodland quilt together on a gym floor

Then I pinned it all together. I have a giant stash of safety pins just for this reason. 

Quilt top pinned down.

Then I spent many hours quilting it. 

Irish Woodland quilt in green

I did a cross hatch design on the squares and gave the trees some nice branches with some free motion quilting. I used a dark chocolate brown for the back and binding. 

Close up of the Irish Woodland quilt

I really like the way it turned out. I really think the name suits it too. 

I tried to think of something with Bob Ross and tiny tree friends, but this is the best.

Finished Irish Woodland Quilt hanging on a white fence

If you have any questions about making an Irish Woodland quilt, please leave a comment below.

Have fun quilting!

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