European Quilting Inspiration

The last few weeks, I have been neglecting my sewing machine. I had to leave it home so I could go explore France and Germany with my family. I know, it was a sacrifice. 

But do not worry, even when I am away from my sewing machine, I feel like I am constantly thinking about quilts. I keep looking at things and thinking about how it's patterns would make a great quilt. 

For example, I looked at this and thought, "How hard would it be to make HST into a curved piece like this?"

Metal Structure at Omaha Beach in France

Just about everywhere we went, I found something that I thought would make a great quilt. 

A metal man hole cover. Think of the flying geese!

Metal Street Cover in Normandy, France

Designs in the windows at a Monastery. So many ideas!

Windows in the monastery  at Saint Mount Michel

A wooden ceiling in the monastery. Loves the curves and stripes.

wooden ceiling at mt. st. michel

This is a floor grate at the entrance of a church. Love the way the light interacts with it. 

Floor grate in a church

A glass partition at the entrance of a Cathedral. Love the design! Closest thing to a quilt I saw the whole trip.

Glass Partition in Calogne, Germany Cathedral

This is stained glass window in a cathedral. My daughter took the picture, so it is blurry. But I love the colors and the pixilation. 

Stained Glass Window at Cologne Cathedral

The ceiling of a monument about the defeat of Napoleon. The curves and the horse riders. Think of the fussy cutting!

Ceiling at the Monument to the Gathering of Nations in Leipzig, Germany

Of course I tried to find quilt shops, but we mostly stuck to the smaller towns and the countryside. Most of the quilt shops were in the bigger cities. That is something I will keep in mind for my next vacation!

I hope you can find inspiration in the world around you.

Have fun quilting!

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