Double Wedding Ring Table Runner

This week I did some sewing just for me.

Making a double wedding ring quilt has always been on my bucket list. I have always loved the classic pattern. So when my quilt guild decided to all make a mini version, I jumped at the chance. 

The girls are out of school for spring break so this seemed to be a great time to do it since there was a possibility of spending a lot of time in the car. That equals lots of time to hand sew!

The pattern we are following is made by Rosecrest Farm. It is a 18 inch square mini quilt.  

Double Wedding Ring Mini Quilt in teal and purple on my Coffee Table

I love making mini quilts. Its fun just to have a little project. You don't have to commit a bunch of time to it and can be done in a weekend if you really want to. 

I love the way this one turned out.  Every thing I used came out of my scrap pile. I love the mix of purples, teals, greens, and blues. 

Double Wedding ring in purples and greens 

The tiny pieces are pieced by machine, then the whole thing is appliqued together.  

I used a variegated teal flannel for the back. I love how it shows the quilting. 

Back of the double wedding ring. Showing teal flannel quilting.

The pattern also provided the quilting motif that I used. 

Quilting motif on the double wedding ring

(I am still working on getting my blue marking pencil to wash out. I am disappointed that it didn't wash right out, but I am not too hurt. The blue goes well with the rest of the quilt.)

It adds a lovely splash of color to my living room and I love the size on my coffee table.

Double Wedding ring in Purple and Teal on my coffee table.

Next week I will be starting on my next pattern and doing a lot of updating to my website. 

Have fun quilting!!

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