Bombs Bursting Quilt Pattern Sneak Peak

This week I have been busy helping young ladies with their prom dresses. It's a fun to see them so excited!

When I wasn't doing that, I was putting together the quilt top of the Bombs Bursting Quilt. I am only going to show you some sneak peaks this week. 

Bombs Bursting Quilt in Red White and Blue sneak peak

Bombs Bursting Quilt in Red White and Blue Sneak peak

The pattern will be ready to go next week. Which will give you plenty of time to get it ready for Independence day on the fourth of July.

Bombs Bursting Quilt sneak peak in patriotic colors

It would also make a great pattern for a Quilt of Valor. 

Or change up the color scheme, and make it your own. Check back next week for more details!

Have fun quilting!

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